XP Recording: Robert Affet in ‘Hunted’

Taking a break in between campaigns so no new actual play this week. But as promised, I produced another audio feature filling in some story about what my character (Robert Affet) does in between story arcs. This is a direct lead on from “Morph’s on Ice”, so if you haven’t listened to that yet, you should. Our GM is currently planning out the next campaign of (hopefully) original content for us. Look forward to that next week. 


Listen to the first part of this story here. 



XP Recording: Robert Affet in ‘Morph’s On Ice’

I’m afraid there is no new regular episode of the X-Cast this week and our players schedules just didn’t match up. Instead I’ve created an audio drama as told from the perspective of Robert Affet. It isn’t long but it adds a bit of backstory to what I hope to be the development of my character. Keep in mind that the events in this piece take place in between the end of this campaign (which should be next week) and the start of the next.

The Setup

Robert Affet opened his eyes, a new morph, a new life. Must have died recently. Nothing to do about it now except get his bearings…

[audio|titles=Morphs On Ice]


The Power of FX Proccessing

Our last game session for our actual play was unfortunately in a room with a significant amount of reverb. I am definitely not the biggest fan of natural reverb and it can ruin a recording.

Fortunately, thanks to modern technology you apply some really cool FX to get rid of it. The audio won’t be perfect but it will sound a damn sight better than before. Here’s an example.

Original Recording
Compressor, Denoiser, Declipper, Equalizing, Dynamics
All the above with additional Dereverb
All the above with background music for fill.

Which do you think sounds best? Would you rather have the natural reverb to keep a more natural sound or keep the voice as dry as possible?

Thomas (Sentenial)