Episode 10: Interlude Part 3, Taking Chances

This week (and maybe next) we’ll be taking a break in between campaigns. Which means that I get another chance to create some more short stories! You may remember interludes 1 and 2 from a couple of months ago and this next one is going to be continuing the story. I’ve had a bit of help with the story this time, letting me spend a lot of time making the production sound awesome. Hope you enjoy this episode, and be assured we’ll be finishing this story soon.

Story: Vishal N
Producer: Thomas Latter
Voice Talent: Thomas Latter, Joo Lee Chang, Vishal N



Think Before Asking: Session 1 Campaign Notes

During our play I like to keep campaign notes on a program called Grafio which is basically a charting program. On my iPad it makes it really easy to keep track of where we are, where we’ve been and what we need to do. Here is what my notes looked like at the end of session 1.

Think Before You Ask: Campaign Notes