Episode 10: Convergence Part 1

Its been a while since we’ve had some content on the site, I’ve been away, players have been busy and the plague that affects all role playing gamers has struck. Real life is getting in the way. But this Easter weekend saw a small band of heroes get together.

This time however, we’re not battling an exsurgent threat, but delving into the depths of Call of Cthulhu. Specifically a Delta Green variant. This game has us taking on the roles of (quite frankly) incompetent special operatives of the clandestine organisation Delta Green as we investigate stories inspired by HP Lovecraft’s Cthulhu setting. This is the first non Eclipse Phase actual play I will be posting on the site in the interest of expanding this to a series of actual plays from many of the other setting we want to play. We’ll still be coming back to Eclipse Phase every now and then but expect stories from Call of Cthulhu, Fate, Hackmaster and much more.

Meanwhile enjoy this weeks actual play, Convergence.


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