XP Recording: Robert Affet in ‘Hunted’

Taking a break in between campaigns so no new actual play this week. But as promised, I produced another audio feature filling in some story about what my character (Robert Affet) does in between story arcs. This is a direct lead on from “Morph’s on Ice”, so if you haven’t listened to that yet, you should. Our GM is currently planning out the next campaign of (hopefully) original content for us. Look forward to that next week. 

[audio http://www.speakhk.com/speakhk/RPGX/rpgxbonus2.mp3|titles=Hunted]

Listen to the first part of this story here. 



Think Before Asking: Session 3

This is the final session of our campaign ‘Think Before Asking’. I am very satisfied with the way this ended and I think everyone else in the party is as well. At the end of the session, We had a bit of discussion on the game and overall mechanics of Eclipse Phase. So you should stick around for that. We’ll be starting a new campaign soon and if there is no regular session next week, I’ll be producing another short story involving my character Robert Affet.

[audio http://www.speakhk.com/speakhk/RPGX/rpgx3.mp3|title=Think Before Asking: Session 3]

XP Recording: Robert Affet in ‘Morph’s On Ice’

I’m afraid there is no new regular episode of the X-Cast this week and our players schedules just didn’t match up. Instead I’ve created an audio drama as told from the perspective of Robert Affet. It isn’t long but it adds a bit of backstory to what I hope to be the development of my character. Keep in mind that the events in this piece take place in between the end of this campaign (which should be next week) and the start of the next.

The Setup

Robert Affet opened his eyes, a new morph, a new life. Must have died recently. Nothing to do about it now except get his bearings…

[audio http://www.speakhk.com/speakhk/RPGX/rpgxbonus1.mp3|titles=Morphs On Ice]


Think Before Asking: Session 2

The second episode of The RPG X-Cast continues on where we left off. The group has just managed to defeat a crime group called the Buffalo Bills and acquired a passenger list for the Landau Landau. This episode will see us complete some side quests, and track down the main trail building up to the ultimate finale. Though that will have to wait till next week.

[audio http://www.speakhk.com/speakhk/RPGX/rpgx2.mp3|title=Think Before Asking: Session 2]

The Power of FX Proccessing

Our last game session for our actual play was unfortunately in a room with a significant amount of reverb. I am definitely not the biggest fan of natural reverb and it can ruin a recording.

Fortunately, thanks to modern technology you apply some really cool FX to get rid of it. The audio won’t be perfect but it will sound a damn sight better than before. Here’s an example.

Original Recording
Compressor, Denoiser, Declipper, Equalizing, Dynamics
All the above with additional Dereverb
All the above with background music for fill.

Which do you think sounds best? Would you rather have the natural reverb to keep a more natural sound or keep the voice as dry as possible?

Thomas (Sentenial)

Character Dossier: Robert Affet

I like to write up my own characters background and history to help with role-playing and help determine skills. As follows is a dossier on the character I’m playing.

Robert Affet is an Ego Hunter. It would be nice to say that he is a damn good one, but really he seems to find his targets through expensive pieces of technology or blind luck. Still, he tends to be reliable when given contracts so hyper corps will often hire him to do their dirty work.

This work can range from one time assassination contracts as punishment, recovery of stolen implants or technology, or full cortical stack retrieval.

Specializing in investigation with the aid of technology he can more often than not track down people despite the many ways of hiding offered in the modern age. When located he prefers to camouflage his way closer to make the final kill or steal. Barring that he has rudimentary skills in deception or he can burn some rep to get closer.


After resleeving right before the fall due to his original bodies death, he likes to keep to the same morph as much as possible as he finds great difficulty in adapting to new ones. . So to carry out his contracts he travels from habitat to habitat in his Courier/GEV hybrid ship designed by the Brinker society from which he hails.

There is nothing particularly interesting about these brinkers aside from the fact that they appear to be very wealthy from some unknown mining source on the asteroid they live on and invest lucrative amounts in technological research. Through a series of extraordinary and bizarre events Robert found himself settled in this environment the first few years after the Fall as he was getting used to losing everything he cared about.

Bored with the quiet life on the colony and not too interested in technological advancement he took to exploring the system. Funding his exploits by taking on profitable if slightly questionable ego hunting contracts. The ship and equipment he carries with him was gifted by the brinker colony that had come to love and accept him yet understood his need to explore.

During the long journey in between Habitats, Robert would watch classic film, re-mastered for VR of course. But fell in love with the Sci Fi of old. Aside from entertainment, his ship has local mesh networks and storage to catch up on interests, do research on his next destination or train in one of the multiple skills he has acquired over the years.


Robert remembers the Earth of his childhood, by the time of the fall, there were few industrialized sectors left on the planet, but those that were left offered beauty that isn’t matched anywhere else in Sol. So, during his exploits Robert is always on the lookout for ways to reclaim Earth and combating the deadly nano-swarms that roam the planet. Luck hasn’t been on his side though.

His love for Sci Fi also leads him on the hunt to find the so called ‘Lost Prequels’. The interest in those movies at the beginning of the 21st century was high indeed, said to be (by fans at the time) the most anticipated movies after years in between releases. With as much hype as Robert has researched, he wonders why no copies have survived The Fall and what mystery hides in the secrets of this trilogy.


One of his contracts went a bit differently than he thought it would go. It was a simple Cortical Stack retrieval from an unknown contractor. You don’t question who hires you, just who’s the target. Locating the target took a month but that wasn’t the strange part. Of course the mark resisted, Robert was about to cut open his head. But right before that happened, the mark handed him a locked and encoded data disc with the dire warning.

“On this disc is the largest potential threat to Transhumanity. Keep it safe and away from your employers.”

Robert took the disc and promptly cut open the marks head. He found that the disc was encoded beyond his own skills, hell, he could barely find a way to access the data. Deciding to keep it to himself rather than find outside help, it sat in his ship for months.

However after these aforementioned months passed by, a representative from Firewall interrupted his ship in deep space with superior weapons and technology. Left with no alternative Robert agreed to talk with this person.

The man from Firewall proposed a trade. The data disc in exchange for his initiation into firewall. He promised knowledge beyond anything available to the regular transhuman and the answers to any question he could think of asking. But it comes with the task of protecting the future of transhumanity. The alternative to this trade would be the destruction of his ship and morph, not the largest set back but definitely not a path Robert would want to take.

Agreeing to the trade and the future responsibility Robert became a member of the clandestine organization known as Firewall.

Thomas (Sentenial)

Think Before Asking: Session 1(Full)

Here is the full length of our first play session. We got through a lot in 3 hours from introducing our characters to each other to a good deal of mission progress and some combat at the end.

Think Before Asking: Session 1 (Part 4/4)

The wrap up to this game session finally saw some combat (which was pretty awesome) and once again we pick up on another important lead. This is the longest episode yet because of the combat but its also the most exciting.