Here you’ll find some homebrew campaigns that we have played through on the podcast. Use them to play through with your own friends. Feedback is always welcome and you can contact me @


This campaign will take the players through a Pandora Gate to the planet of Alpha Centauri B-D. They will be investigating multiple sites including a crashed Colony ship that seemed to have originated from Pre-Fall Earth. This is a great introduction to Gatecrashing or even to the universe of Eclipse Phase though there may be teething issues among players who have no clue about the setting.



Building on a plot seed of the previous campaign Ark, the players will have to travel back to Alpha Centauri B-D, now known as Diona to investigate the loose ends they left behind. This campaign will have them figuring out how to get through the gate on their own and investigating what has happened to this exo planet in the short month that they have been away.

Campaign Notes

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