The RPG X-Cast is an actual play podcast of the pen and paper Role Playing Game, Eclipse Phase. For those of you who felt that whooshing sound over your head, this podcast is a recording of a couple of friends playing a game. But it’s not the game you think. This game is more of a collaborative story; a narrator controls the plot and the players contribute with decisions and dice rolls to add a bit of chance to the direction.

Eclipse Phase is the ruleset and setting for the story. Set in the near future humanity has spread throughout the solar system. Space travel is both easy and cheap and humans have evolved into something higher, Transhumans. With the ability to upload their mind into any body they see fit Humans have gained functional immortality and all the social issues that accompany it. This is just a brief glimpse into the expansive and detailed world of Eclipse Phase and there is so much more that you can find out during our play sessions or read on your own.



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