Episode 11: Chain Reaction Part 1

We’re back after what seems like a really really long hiatus (case it was really long). Anyway, we’re starting a new Eclipse Phase campaign with our original GM Hamish called Chain Reaction. In this campaign we are dumped right in the middle of a brewing civil war in Olympus on Mars. Yet Firewall has a different mission in mind.

The views represented in the podcast are not to be taken as political opinions of individuals and are purely included for entertainment purposes. (Occupy Central)

Robert Affet (Ego Hunter/Batman) – Thomas
Yasushi Nakahara (Mars Ranger) – David
Chanti (Crazy Async) – Vish
Johann Jacob Jacobs (Tenured Professor) – Chris


[audio http://www.speakhk.com/speakhk/RPGX/rpgx11.mp3|titles=Chain Reaction (Episode 11)]

Shoot us an email with any questions or comments at rpgxcast@gmail.com



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