Episode 8: Diona Part 3

The RPG X-Cast continues with the Diona campaign. We last left the players having them solved the problems of the mines and moved up the work order of the inspection of their GEV. However, there is something else that needs investigating on Diona, and it is fraught with danger.

IC4RU56 (Missile laden kill bot that can fly) – Vish
Johann Jacob Jacobs (Titanian researcher/hacker) – Chris
Lars Alterio (Annoyingly loud socialite) – Hamish
Nic Cage (Ghost Rider) – Nicolas Cage

[audio http://www.speakhk.com/speakhk/RPGX/rpgx8.mp3|titles=Diona (Episode 8)]

Shoot us an email with any questions or comments at rpgxcast@gmail.com



    1. Two of our players have been really busy lately. But Easter weekend is coming up so we’ll see if we can get some games back up. Hamish is taking over GM for a bit. We also play other systems (CoC, Delta Green, Hackmaster) which I may post on this blog to see if there is interest.

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