Episode 4: Ark Part 1

We’re back to regular sessions this week though I hope you’ve enjoyed the short audio productions I’ve been doing. Our regular GM is actually still busy with real life right now so I’m taking over as GM. I have written a gatecrashing campaign called ‘Ark’ where the players will have to discover the mystery behind Alpha Centauri B-D. The 5 hour game session is split up into two parts, the second of which will be going up this weekend so check back again later. Meanwhile have a listen to part 1 of ‘Ark’. [audio http://www.speakhk.com/speakhk/RPGX/rpgx4.mp3|title=Ark: Episode 4]

I use some images to help out with the narrative… here they are for your viewing pleasure.

The Pandora Gate

Alpha Centauri B-D


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