Think Before Asking: Session 3

This is the final session of our campaign ‘Think Before Asking’. I am very satisfied with the way this ended and I think everyone else in the party is as well. At the end of the session, We had a bit of discussion on the game and overall mechanics of Eclipse Phase. So you should stick around for that. We’ll be starting a new campaign soon and if there is no regular session next week, I’ll be producing another short story involving my character Robert Affet.

[audio|title=Think Before Asking: Session 3]



  1. hey guys… quite enjoying this cast… I would recommed that you put in a download link as I don´t have the benefit of being online all the time so I put them onto my external hard drive and then my Ipod…
    I know, how Neanderthall 😉
    but I´m that type of chap, I only use the net as an info dump.
    I like the music by the way, and I love this scenario as i´ve heard it on rppr but you´re going a bit more in depth with the places and situatons, can´t wait for Nicotine and the rest…

  2. Oh wow, can we please get Nick Cage to shut the fuck up? It is honestly getting really goddamn Aold and I still have one and a half hours to go. I swear to god, if this doesn’t stop next episode this is going to be a deal breaker for me.

      1. I was pretty annoyed when I posted that, so perhaps it isn’t worded most delicately. However, having Nick Cage screaming in my ear half the session really pissed me off. Not to mention this is a single joke not being spread over a single session, which would be bad enough; but over seven. It’s not a clever inside joke that pops up once in a while, but a pointless “look at me being just soooo funny” joke that comes up every time Nick talks. It completely breaks any kind of immersion I might have had into the game, and serves only to rip me out of the experience of the flow of the game and back into a “I get it, you’re Nick Cage, get this joke over with” mind-space. Which is a tragedy, because apart from Nick Cage ruining everything for me I was really invested in the AP. I like the banter between you guys (when Nick Cage isn’t screaming in my ear) I like the way you guys play (when Nick Cage isn’t screaming in my ear) and I like the adventures you guys have written (when Nick Cage isn’t screaming in my ear).

        I’d advise that in the future you guys don’t attempt to stretch a single unfunny joke across multiple story-arcs.

      2. Just letting you know that I hear you. I’m personally OK with that players choice of roleplay, but I can see how it would grate on some people. As I mentioned earlier he’ll probably get around to another character by the time all of our players a free to do another session, which seems a long time away at the moment 😦

        Also, while we play as a group, most of what we do aren’t group decisions. I wrote the story for most of it, and individual players came up with their characters. Creative control is spread and of course improvisation is rampant. I’m just the guy that brings the mic.


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